9 Events Made Better With Sticker Printing

Having stickers printed for your next event can make a huge difference in the number of people who actually show up. No matter what kind of stickers you order, you will find that there are plenty of uses for them. Plan stickers for events just like these to make your statement go even further.

1. Political Campaign Events

Do you already have a candidate in mind? Let fellow supporters act as the sounding board by wearing stickers around. Exposure can lend way to new leads.

2. Fair & Carnival Booths

If you are selling a craft or service at a fair or carnival, stickers remind customers of where they can find you after the event.

3. Car Show

If you have a car that you put in shows regularly, you might enjoy having bumper stickers made with your design or your business information. People are sure to remember you (and your car).

4. Farmer’s Market & Flea Market Stalls

If you frequently sell your goods at the flea market or a regular farmer’s market, you might want to put yourself out there for custom orders as well. Stickers remind people of your product or good.

5. Wine & Dine Events

If you sell wine and other food items, packaging with stickers is a good reminder of your business. Think of these stickers as a decorative business card you can use to label your bottles of delicious wine.

6. Paint Parties

If you are hosting a paint party as an artist, you might want to slap a sticker on the back of the canvases your students paint on. This makes it easy for your clients to remember who they took classes with.

7. School Fundraisers

If you are selling something to raise money for a school, you may want to send stickers with your items so that you can sell your items afterward. You can also make stickers for individuals who donated funds as a form of recognition.

8. Car Washes

Passing out stickers at car washes for the cause you are raising money for will raise awareness for your organization or business.

9. Charity Fundraisers

If you are supporting a charity, you may want to give out stickers to raise awareness. Additionally, they can be used to recognize those who helped raised funds.

Sticker printing is a great way to encourage people to show up at your events, whether you have a political campaign event or a school fundraiser. Talk to a company like Northwest Label to learn more.

Author: Johnathan Munoz

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