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Chris started his career in fine art in 2004, helping Korea’s largest private art gallery, Gana Art, build a following in Paris and New York. From 2010 to 2013, Chris launched and scaled a highly successful airport loyalty program for DFS Group, the travel retail arm of LVMH. From 2014 to 2018, Chris worked variously for Las Vegas Sands, Bloomingdale’s and Guess, Inc. in areas of increasing responsibility managing customer acquisition and retention strategy, with a focus on international visitors. 

In 2019, Chris decided to pursue his long-standing dream of helping US-based businesses welcome Asia Pacific tourists, putting years of experience with visitor acquisition and retention strategy, partnerships and digital marketing to work in a specialized marketing agency. Chris holds a BA in Government with a minor in Southeast Asian studies from Cornell University, and an MBA in Marketing with a focus on Luxury Products from the University of Southern California. Chris is passionate about anything to do with Asia-Pacific markets and digital consumerism, and enjoys long hikes, reading, and playing squash in his free time.

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Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!


Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!

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