Pacific Landmark Group

Fashion Brand

The Challenge

  • Drive conversion of existing tourist segments at global fashion retailers’ outlet stores across the US

The Solution

  • Utilized digital tools to offer GWP promotion and drove conversion through retargeting
  • Partnered with mall operators on street team promotions and cross-promote to their VIP database and social media following
  • Worked with inbound tour operators to provide additional promotional offers
  • Proposed and launched destination eco-bag spend & save promotion to select stores penetrated high in select tourist segments utilizing credit card data
  • Partnered with beauty and lifestyle brands to use sweepstakes to drive some additional acquisition of target segments

The Result

  • Campaigns taken together resulted in 20% increase in tourist penetration for target stores
  • Very strong response to select promotions measured by CLV in customer databases
  • Top 20% of newly added customers performed at highest tier levels

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Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!


Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!

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