Pacific Landmark Group

Global casino company

The Challenge

  • Grow high value tourist database at large Las Vegas casino through digital strategy and media placements overseas

The Solution

  • Analyzed Las Vegas market tourist profiles, proposing and executing targeted overseas media placement among under-penetrated Chinese visitor demographics
  • Partnered with travel company to offer double opt-in sweepstakes and quiz to generate customer acquisition among target tourist markets
  • Partnered with casino groups on promotions to share tourist database through digital portal
  • Retargeted high value customers with end-to-end Chinese language promotions
  • Partnered with in house retail and merchants to provide relevant in-room benefits to tourists

The Result

  • High engagement numbers and visits from acquisition partnerships
  • Media promotions generated noticeable increase in market share
  • Converted some existing visitors to repeat visitors

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Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!


Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!

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