Pacific Landmark Group

Luxury Retailer

The Challenge

  • Grow tourist traffic among key segments at luxury retailer’s flagship store and boutiques

The Solution

  • Partnered with banks, credit cards, luxury hotels and sports car dealership to create shared experiences among target segment audiences
  • Identified and worked with well-known luxury fashion bloggers in China to develop a social media competition garnering a huge following in China
  • Worked with company merchandisers to create experiential rewards relevant to target segments
  • Helped build database of target segments and retargeted top tier customers for invitations to value added luxury events
  • Provided training programs to all store and event teams on culture and language to provide an excellent experience for target customers in-store

The Result

  • Record-breaking tourist segment performance of new and existing customers
  • Repeat visits increased some 300% among key groups without discounting

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Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!


Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!

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