Pacific Landmark Group

High-end department store

The Challenge

  • Introduce a new brand to Asia Pacific visitors in the Hawaii market and generate repeat visits

The Solution

  • Generated awareness among key user groups through targeted media placements in Japanese, Korean and Chinese market magazines
  • Provided promotional offers in select inbound travel apps, web portals and coupon books
  • Oversaw digital media social pages and targeted digital ad placement for Chinese and Korean markets
  • Partnered with inbound tour operators and hotels to provide promotional offers on the ground, including commission structure
  • Drove repeat visits with quick turnaround bounceback offers to maximize revenue in a short time window
  • Identified and led the CRM initiatives of internationally focused sales team

The Result

  • Significant increase in tourism sales from key markets over first year
  • Repeat visits increased 3X among top tier tourist segments

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Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!


Feeling Curious?  We welcome all inquiries!

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